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We are a provider of concierge services for clients around the world in search of entertainment like a lifestyle and we are ready to deliver the best services in Romania. We have a team of young professionals who understand perfectly what it means to truly experience life day and especially the night of a city.

By being a full service concierge agency, Romania Private Tour team has the knowledge and relationships in all key locations in Bucharest, Mamaia and Brasov. We are your trip organizers from Romania, your premium service providers, who will guide you and who will show you the really nightlife of Romanian cities, where the party ends with the departure of the last customer not at a predetermined time.

We focus especially on private tours, bachelor parties, birthday parties, guys/ girls night out, corporate events. We are the organizers and we can not be compared with any other travel agency from Romania because none of them will be able to provide the experiences that Romania Private Tour can offer and none of them has contacts or our ability to meet your needs related to the real day and night life of the city.

Under the motto “Experience the nightlife” Romania Private Tour team is pleased to lead you to the most exclusive clubs, where you will have VIP Table, bottle services, beeing in the company of beautiful hostesses. During the summer, we can travel from Bucharest to the beaches of Mamaia by helicopter because time is very important to us and we don’t want to miss any party here. During the winter we can take a trip to Brasov County, where you can relieve Dracula’s story at Bran Castle.

Tell us your gastronomic preferences and we will make reservations at the most exclusive restaurants, choosing from Romanian traditional cuisine and international cuisine.

During the day you can choose between daytime activities: parachute jumping, spa, adventure park, ATV ride, shot gun shooting range, secret rooms, visiting, parasailing, karting and many, many more.

What happens in Romania, stays in Romania and this will be an unforgettable experience, an experience that you will want to repeat again and again.

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