Gaia Boutique

Gaia Boutique Club was already established as one of the exclusive clubs in Bucharest, being assaulted by representatives of the entertainment, fashion and local art.

Although this is not the intention from the beginning, the club has today exclusive character, constantly organizing theme parties, many of them unpopular with famous guests. Belonging to fashion designer Venera Arapu, it is not surprising that the design looks flawless, but at the entrance is located a small fashion boutique where you can buy clothing wearing the mark of a known Romanian designers known. Music that we find here is a good selection of current hits, techno, house and rave. These latest styles of music showing after hours late, the opening of the club will focus only on the current hits which is an easily digestible musical home for customer premises.

Recently, Gaia Boutique Club, organizes extravagant events because of the desire to differentiate clearly from the other clubs of its kind. We can notice remarkable Gaia themed Privee (erotic) evenings, Le Bal des Vampires (dark mystery and challenging) and Scent of a Woman (perfume and femininity).

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