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Romania is one of the biggest wine producers in the world. Surely you’ve tasted a top Romanian wine because Romania export excellent wines in over 45 countries. In recent years, Romania has attracted many European business people and wine buyers, due to the affordable prices for both vineyards and wines compared to other wines produced by nations such as France, Germany or Italy.

History and tradition

Viticulture was an ancient concern of our ancestors. Geto-Dacians, ancient inhabitants of the lands of the Danube, the Black Sea and the Carpathians, particularly cherished wine and vineyards because it represented their greatest treasure. They drank wine poured in ox horns, char or even gourds. The wine was first introduced 3000 years ago in Dacia (Romania today) by the Greeks, when they arrived near the Black Sea.

Thus, we can easily say that Romania is a land of wine since ancient times. True, we are still at the beginning, but we’ve also developed this industry in a year as others in 10. And we are proud of that. We are proud of the wines we produce and we’ll tell stories about them both our cohabitants and foreigners.

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