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Sensuality and gentility in a discrete environment

The erotic massage is one of the most precious secrets of passion and sexuality. This is not a simple massage, a massage but is elevated to an art that addresses the entire body, not just sexual organs and erogenous zones. The massage should be done with great dedication and tenderness in order to achieve zenith in terms of relaxation and pleasure.

The erotic massage and body massage inspired from the art of meditation techniques and specific expression of sexuality Hindu and Oriental philosophy and exceed by intensity and complexity, a simple relaxing massage. Massage is art that create touch, and is based on simple principles of erotic massage technique, more specifically, playing pleasure and total relaxation.

The challenge thrill of pleasure on imaginary barrier removal entire body and each of us, are the main features of the massage. This is, in fact, the erotic significance, a world where everyone can “taste” the forbidden fruit of passion, a world of desires achievable and shattered taboos.

If you want to escape the everyday stress of a city, if you want to live unforgettable moments, if you want to have some relaxation, eroticism and pleasure, the best choice for you can be a massage conducted by an expert in the art erotic massage in our luxurious erotic massage parlour in Bucharest.

The types of massage that masseuses exercise them tactfully and with dedication in salons are: body massage, thai massage, tantra massage, relaxation massage, massage in the jacuzzi, double massage.

In Bucharest there are many massage parlors, but a few of them offer quality services. We can take care of that and make sure you go to the safe ones, and you are not being ripped off.
If you are a group, we can reserve the entire parlor and organize a party for a few hours, with drinks and erotic massage. In this case the reservation must be made at least 5 days before arrival.

We only take care of the reservation, you will pay the price at the parlor.

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