In Romania, according to market sources of services supply, customers leave tips in restaurants, bars clubs and cafes, for the delivery of fast-food products, the barbershop or beauty, live bands performing in pubs, at weddings or other private parties and taxi drivers “who do not walk out the shortest route.”

Sometimes the person providing services (barber, waiter, manicurist, etc.) are involved in customer satisfaction just for the cash bonus. A waiter is pleasant and joking with people at the table, a barber compliments and strives to shear as well, in other words, any service provider gives a personal side of “his product”.

Tip, which originally was a gesture of goodwill for the servants of the inns and feudal courts evolved over time, becoming a sign of gratitude, a form of income and even a cultural indicator.

How many times we were in trouble not knowing how to leave a tipfor the pizza boy who delivers us or for the waiters in restaurants? Therefore we decided to offer you a little guide to make some light, according to service providers.

Standard tipping amounts:

Your Waiter/Waitress

Tip for a waiter usually varies between 10-15% for satisfactory service, 5% for poor service and over 15% for exceptional service. However, if you feel offended by waiter service, you are not required to leave any tip. But remember, it is not elegant to argue with the waiter. Recommended is to politely tell the manager your complaints.

Your Bartender

If once, the classic 10% consummation was enough, nowadays is used to give a tip of 15-20% for bartenders, depending on the price and complexity of a drink that he serves you.


Tipping in our country is usually ~ 10%, trying to make a round sum to the bill. So leaving 10 RON to a payment amountof 8.3RON is decent for a taxi driver.

Your Masseuse/Hair Stylist

Generally masseuse and hair stylist working on quite low wages and for this reason a part of their income comes from tips received for such services. On average tip is around 20-25%.

In addition, if you were programmed preferential by the receptionist at the last moment, possibly in place of someone else, be sure to reward appropriate this gesture.

Your Valet Attendant

Tipping is an important part of any waiter or valet income so when traveling abroad is good to know how much money you can let those who serve at the table or help with luggage. For valet that will help with your luggage or car will practice tip about 10-20 RON.

Pizza Boy

For pizza delivery boy remains true standard of 10%, which can add an extra reward according to promptly.

Room Services

Some hotels include service charges and costs for room service. If this service is not covered, you should give a tip of 15-20% of the order price.


At a fancy restaurant, where sommelier has an important role in serving the wine, it is advisable to leave a tip of 10-15% of the price of wine, preferably directly for the sommelier.


If free services (for example cloakroom or goalkeeper), the tip amount remains at your discretion, while retaining a sum rule nor too small nor too large.

If you choose us to be your trip organizers you should stop thinking about this. Each all-inclusive package also includes tips for service operators.

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