Meet the dwarf

Meet the dwarfr

Would you like to handcuff a dwarf to the groom?

Our dwarfs are suitable for stag party and hen nights and more. This is becoming a very popular service in the bachelor party industry as it surprise guests and can be a great laugh whilst in public. If you require the midget to perform and dance routine this can be arranged or if you would like our mini man to be handcuffed to a specific person this can also be arranged.

Our Dwarfs for rent are all round entertainers and are very professional, reliable and can even were a costume outfit for your event. If you are looking to make a night to remember then you have found the right service. Why not hire one of our midgets today!

Please remember that you are hiring a human being, not an object. Any humiliation, mistreatment or violence of the dwarf will result in leaving group immediately with no refund claim.

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