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What do you think of a lap dance from the most beautiful women in the world?

The magic of the rhytms excites you, the hostesses get you dizzy, the shot warm you up, cocktails sweeten yourself, you will enjoy the surprises and the atmosphere will envelop you in an unforgettable tale, from 21:00 until morning, from Tuesday to Saturday. If you want to go out with friends in the city, striptease club in Bucharest is the ideal place for an unforgettable experience.

Striptease clubs from Bucharest impress by their concept … the border between noble, extravagant and underground. As you step into the club warmly embraced by the luxurious atmosphere, sophisticated scents, warm light inviting you and making you feel relaxed to descend stairs that lead you deeper into the heart of the club. Gradually easily see how clothes breaks, turns, taking you slowly but surely into a story that is becoming more and more exciting.

Already impressed by the entrance, you will notice booth specially designed for long discussions and savory lampposts, watching how you turn and headed directly to the place you came to explore it and eager for an ideal evening, the music you already hear amazes you make your soul thrill, the variety of rhythms delight you letting yourself to sit comfortably on the couch.
When you decide to order something to drink, you will notice that the prices are on your taste, ventilation does its job perfectly, and relaxes you completely and prepares you for an unforgettable evening. You can organize a epic party for your friends in a great atmosphere, full of sensuality and maximum fun and Striptease Lap Dance Party where the bachelor party should be held, mystical, tempting, sensual aphrodisiac … girls, incendiary atmosphere and guaranteed fun good mood until morning, come if you want to have an unforgettable evening.

Count on us to make your reservation at the best striptease clubs in Bucharest, for the bachelor party or guys night out!

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