Dress code in a club is very important. It is how we present ourselves to others, is how we define (in a superficial way, it’s true) our attitude and character, is how we want to be seen and treated by those with whom we interact, is our avatar. Imagine the following situation: You are in a club where is almost dark, crowded and noisy. The first impression about the club, about those who are present in the club, you will have it by looking at the people clothes. After a while, you may want to interact socially with anyone. What are the criteria by which you will choose or rather reject someone? Well, attitude and clothing decide here more than physical conformation. Who will wear the coolest clothes will win and will capture the attention. In a reverse situation, in a crowd of people, you can attract attention in a pleasant way unless you have put “cool” clothes on you.

The club is the place where you go to feel good and to know new people. Our recommendation is to put emphasis on clothes in any situation you are. If it are chosen properly they will bring many pluses without having to make efforts, to open your mouth and do magic tricks.

The trivial combination which men carries is black or white shirt matched with jeans. It is a club outfit that mostly people consider it elegant, yet comfortable for club nights. If you use this combination in your outfit, you will not have trouble entering clubs. For those who want to wear the shirt, we would recommend a maximum of two buttons undone. This way, you will display a relaxed air.


Like everywhere, the person who make mischief at the entrance of the club is always bodyguard with an controller air because he can be selected, but there are outfits that sometimes not match for club nights:
Dintre acestea enumeram:

  • Beach shoes
  • Shorts
  • Baggy jeans
  • Jerseys
  • Capris
  • Shoes that are considered too sportslike.
  • Sports hats (with some exceptions)

Let’s talk about t-shirts?

All shirts are acceptable both normal and collar all types and colors, just as they are not sports jerseys or to have some sporting inclinations.

T-shirts are comfortable especially in hot summer nights but will not help you specifically to be the center of attention.

Let’s talk about shirts?

The shirt is one of the most common pieces both in a woman’s and men’s wardrobe. White shirt is considered a classic piece that can not miss from any wardrobe. The shirts are fashionable and are often worn in clubs in Bucharest. It gives you comfort and elegance. We recommend wearing shirts for club evenings especially those slim fit.

Let’s talk about pants?

As we said, ordinary outfit seen in clubs in Bucharest consists of shirt, pants / jeans, shoes or casual shoes and blazer in some cases depending on the season. All men of the club will be in the spotlight to attract the beautiful women. It allows any type of pants or jeans. Cut and pre-washed jeans can be found in many of the outfits in the club. Personally, we think it is totally wrong. A simple classic pair will make a much better job.

Let’s talk about shoes?

Not just the top is important to an outfit. Even if you risk being trampled by several people, does not mean you have to wear the worst shoes possible. You can choose something easy sport or casual and relies in particular on the leather. We recommend avoiding shoes and shimmering gold or silver, dirty and muddy shoes or beach

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